Versatility, the greatest strength and biggest weakness of WordPress

WordPress does a decent job at just about every web application, but its hard to find any area it excels at. This makes it an easy choice for basic websites, blogs, archives or anything that doesn’t need a high degree of customization. Extending WordPress past the basics requires extensive planning, costly plugins, and frequent maintenance.

Marketing websites, portfolios, and blogs are perfect applications for WordPress. The versatility of WordPress makes it easy to extend with additional features such as a simple media gallery or basic event calendar. Whether organizations are just starting out or long-running in their ventures, WordPress can be a great foundation.

However, the headaches begin as soon as your bite off more than you can chew. Small businesses and development teams working on large WordPress websites get swamped trying to maintain what they thought was a simple and easy to use platform. If your needs are specific it really pays to explore platforms that cater to a specific use case rather than invest in a general purpose application.