Use the built-in features of WordPress instead of customizing

WordPress is a modern CMS with lots of features for content editing. Developers and designers coming from different platforms often over-engineer or introduce their clients to cumbersome and unnecessary processes. Using and designing for built-in features of WordPress is a great way to keep websites simple and prevent unneeded costs.

Some developers encourage clients to only make changes on a copy of their website commonly known as a staging or development site and then publish those changes to their live site. This workflow doesn’t go work well with the architecture of WordPress and disregards the built in version control for posts and pages. Its much easier to make content changes on the live site and depend on version control and backups for correcting mistakes.

Another common WordPress mistake is creating a custom functionality for design that WordPress isn’t able to accommodate natively. This causes website clients to incur extra expenses on development and plugins. In my opinion is always better to adapt a design to the built-in capabilities of WordPress rather than create custom functionality or use feature plugins.