Screenshot of the Sahara Lounge website

Sahara Lounge

The Sahara Lounge website is a true labor of love, born from our deep connection to this iconic venue. Having graced its stage for countless years, even during its TC’s Lounge days, crafting the online home for the memories of countless musicians and performances is an honor and a pleasure.

Our vision for the Sahara Lounge website goes beyond being just mobile-friendly; it’s a digital gateway to a world of local culture. It beckons you to explore residencies like Africa Night, offering not just directions and parking information but also tantalizing food options and a creative drink menu inspired by the flavors of West African cocktails.

A dedicated news page shines a light on the Sahara Lounge’s numerous accolades and awards accumulated over the years. The design itself is an homage to the venue’s warm, inviting atmosphere, echoing the deep, dark red tones that envelope visitors inside, punctuated by vibrant splashes of color.

The Monsterrat typeface adds an organic and free-spirited touch to the website’s lettering, while the logo, a collaborative creation with African American Graphic Designers, draws inspiration from the neon-lit sign gracing the venue’s entrance. Together, these elements come alive to recreate the lively, enchanting ambiance of the lounge.

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