Landing page of the Relax Station website

Relax Station

Discover the tranquil transformation of Relax Station: a beloved massage studio nestled in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan. When their website fell victim to a cyberattack, they seized the opportunity to collaborate with us for an inspiring rebirth.

The new design we crafted embodies a modern and minimalistic aesthetic, breathing new life into their online presence while prioritizing enhanced readability. Our mission was two-fold: safeguard the website against future security threats and create a seamless mobile-friendly experience.

To make vital information more accessible, we reorganized the content into a streamlined structure, ensuring clients can easily find what they need. But our creative journey didn’t stop there; we guided Relax Station in transitioning from a vibrant green color scheme to a soothing and serene blue. This gentle hue mirrors the tranquility that clients experience when stepping into their massage haven, even extending to the logo for a harmonious and holistic touch.

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