Make your site special by investing in good content

Rather than pay lots of money for a unique design and amazing features, invest in making sure your website has meaningful content. This means spending ample time on planning, writing and research instead rushing to design and development. Its the content that brings in site visitors, not the colors and fonts a website uses.

Have you ever walked into an amazing, well-designed restaurant only to be served mediocre food? Have you been to an aged restaurant with only average amenities and had a plate of food you still remember to this day? While it great to have both freshly designed website and top-notch content, what would prioritize given the limited budgets we all have to deal with?

Make it goal to first create or hire someone to create good content before even thinking about a website design. This approach may feel arduous and take away from the gratification of showing off a sparkling site to your customers. However, having great content always pays off in the long run.