Effective WordPress design uses the Gutenberg Editor

Designs built around the Gutenberg editor lower the maintenance costs for websites and lead to intuitive editing experiences. Gutenberg is the built-in editor for WordPress and now competes with themes (Astra, Generate Press etc.) and page builder plugins (Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder etc.). These competing themes and page builders offer advanced features at the cost of an ongoing subscription and a more complicated editing experience.

The default WordPress experience is steadily catching up to the capabilities of competing platforms. Gutenberg has features that make popular page builder plugins redundant or even unnecessary. The growth of these built in features allow website owners to spend time and energy solving other problems such focusing on customer support.

As a WordPress website grows in content and complexity, having a simpler foundation leads to a reduced need for training and expertise when making content updates. Complex sites often wind up with multiple plugin subscriptions and having a few less monthly payments to worry about is welcome by most clients. The decision to incur the additional cost of creating an advanced website design should be left up to website owners rather than the preferences of a web designer.