Cleavers is a Spring tonic for the lymph

Over the past winter, I’ve encountered a few people experiencing problems with lymph drainage. One person had a problem with swollen ankles and feet while another had some hard nodules in the lymph in their armpit. Cleavers has been reported as a great medicine for cleaning the lymphatic system.

Many of my human relatives consider cleavers as a weed rather than a reliable food source. If you live in an area where herbicide is regularly sprayed you may never have seen it. My first memory of this plant was the way it clung to me when I touched it.

I have so much gratitude for the abundance and accessibility of cleavers. It grows in so many places and I’ve seen it alongside every walking trail thing spring. This year I will be getting to know this plant more deeply by making teas and cooking with it and noticing the effects on my health.